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JSWAY Company on Greater Bay Area Industrial EXPO (Shenzhen)

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    JSWAY CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is proud to announce our participation in the prestigious Greater Bay Area Industrial EXPO, being held in Shenzhen from November 27th to 30th, 2023. We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovations in the form of the Swiss-type lathe and multi-function lathe, both of which represent the pinnacle of advanced technology and are perfectly attuned to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

     Our Swiss-type lathe exemplifies precision engineering and unparalleled performance, embodying our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the modern manufacturing landscape. Additionally, our multi-function lathe offers unprecedented versatility and efficiency, catering to a wide range of industrial applications with seamless adaptability.

    We extend a warm invitation to all our esteemed customers, partners, and industry professionals to visit our booth at the expo. Experience firsthand the remarkable capabilities of our Swiss-type lathe and multi-function lathe, and discover how these state-of-the-art machines can elevate your production processes to new heights of excellence.

     Join us at the Greater Bay Area Industrial EXPO and witness the future of CNC machining technology! We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with you and explore the transformative potential of our latest offerings.

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