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JSWAY CNC 2 axis lathe (gang tool lathe and turret lathe) common features:

1. 2 axis, X axis and Z axis. Simple structure, high stability, easy maintenance.

2. High precision. No matter cold or hot machining, work piece size remains almost unchanged.

3. Advanced installation process of the X-axis and Z-axis. The screw guide rail is not easily damaged.

4. Sleeve spindle. The spindle runout is less than 3 micrometers.

5. Can be equipped with automatic feeding machines, automatic cutting machines, and robotic arms.

6. Fully enclosed cover. Protect the screw guide rail.

7. Cast iron body, inclined at 30 or 45 degrees, smooth cutting, compact structure, and nice appearance.

8. Operating system: Taiwan LNC or Taiwan Syntec.

9. Tools quantity. The Gang tool lathe 5-10 tools. The turret lathe 8 or 12 tools.

     JSWAY CNC 2 axis lathes state-of-the-art delivers exceptional performance and accuracy for precision machining tasks. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the JSWAY CNC 2 axis lathe is designed to streamline your production process and boost your productivity. Upgrade your machining capabilities today!

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