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A365D fanuc system CNC 5 axis Swiss machine lathe

Advantage and features:
  1.  5 axis.
  2.  Mechanical spindle
  3.  Fanuc system, Fanuc's quality.
  4.  Widely used at many complex metal processing.
  • A365D


  • 8457101000

  • 5, X1Y1Z1 + X2Z2

  • 25 pieces

  • mechanical


1. System : FANUC Oi-TF Plus.

2. Spindle:JSWAY customization mechanical precision spindle.

3. Japan NSK-P4 precision rod bearing.

4. Taiwan HIWIN self-lubricating P2 precision guide rail.

5. Taiwan HIWIN C3 precision thread rod.

6. Main/sub spindle motor:FANUC 3000W spindle motor.

7. Main spindle side power head S3 (power tool ER20 x 5PCS) with FANUC servo motor.

8. Main spindle end S5 fixed tool base ER16 x 4PCS+power head ER20 x 3PCS with FANUC motor.

9. Main spindle end tool base 16x16mm x 7PCS.

10. Sub spindle end S4 fixed tool base ER16 x 3PCS+power head ER16 x 3PCS with FANUC motor.

11. Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic components.

12. JSWAY customization automatic lubrication pump device.





Oi-TF Plus

Processing     capacity

Max. machining diameter

≤Ø35 mm

Max.one-time machining length

Max. material triple diameter (without guide bush)  /220mm(with guild bush)

Main spindle max. drilling diameter


Main spindle max. tapping diameter


Main spindle through hole diameter


Main spindle max. turning speed


Side max. drilling diameter


Side max. tapping diameter


Side milling max. turning speed


Sub spindle max. hold bar diameter


Sub spindle max. drilling diameter


Sub spindle max. tapping diameter


Sub spindle max. turning speed


Sub spindle tool max. drilling diameter


Tool base and

motor power

Main spindle cutter

7PCS 16x16mm cutter

Main spindle side tool

5PCS ER20 power tool

Main spindle end tool

4PCS fixed tool base ER16+3PCSpower head ER20

Sub spindle end tool

3PCS fixed tool base ER16+3PCSpower head ER16

Moving speed

30m/min(Y1/Z1/X2/Z2) 20m/min(X1)

Feed accuracy


Main spindle power


Sub spindle power


Side milling motor power


Feed motor power

Z1-axis feeds servo motor power


X1-axis feeds servo motor power


Y1-axis feeds servo motor power

1300W (brake)

Z2-axis feeds servo motor power


X2-axis feeds servo motor power




Around 2618*1497*1737mm

Total weight

Around 3800KG

Main spindle tool

Sub spindle tool

2. Machine dimension (with feeder for reference)

We are excited to present the A365D Fanuc System CNC 5 Axis Swiss Machine Lathe. With its advanced 5-axis capability, mechanical spindle, and Fanuc system renowned for superior quality, this machine is designed to streamline complex metal processing and deliver exceptional precision.

Key Features:

5 Axis Capability: The A365D machine lathe offers unparalleled versatility with its 5-axis capability. This allows for simultaneous multi-directional cutting and machining operations, enabling the production of intricate and complex workpieces. With 5-axis technology, you can achieve maximum efficiency and precision in your manufacturing processes.

Mechanical Spindle: Equipped with a high-performance mechanical spindle, the A365D ensures optimal power transmission and stability during machining operations. This robust spindle design enables high-speed rotations and precise cutting, resulting in superior surface finish and accuracy in every workpiece produced.

Fanuc System Quality: The A365D features the highly acclaimed Fanuc system, known for its reliability, durability, and exceptional performance. With the Fanuc system, you can expect precise control and high-speed processing capability. Benefit from Fanuc's extensive experience in CNC systems and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with utilizing top-notch quality machinery.

Widely Used for Complex Metal Processing: The A365D is widely used across various industries for complex metal processing. From aerospace components to medical implants and intricate parts for automotive applications, this machine excels in handling intricate geometries and demanding machining tasks. Regardless of the complexity, you can rely on the A365D to deliver precise and accurate results.

Experience the power of precision with the A365D Fanuc System CNC 5 Axis Swiss Machine Lathe. Take advantage of its 5-axis capability, mechanical spindle performance, and the stellar reputation of the Fanuc system. Revolutionize your complex metal processing operations and achieve exceptional quality and efficiency. Invest in the A365D to unlock limitless possibilities in precision manufacturing.

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