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JSWAY Keep Learning and Make Progress

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JSWAY Training News - Dongguan service center

01 Teaching introduction

Offline training:

- Theory classes, Machine practical operation, Sample proofing

- You have the technical support and after-sales service ability after completed training,

The crowd:

- Zero basic, numerical control related personnel

- Zero basic in the CNC field and Swiss-type lathe industry students

- With CNC experience, turning & milling compound and Swiss-type lathe operation experience students

02 Teaching cycle

1. Full day class: Monday to Saturday, 20~30 days learning period

2. Weekend class: Around 9 weeks

3. Single-day training class: Anytime, according to the customer's schedule

Now register, 1 person can start the course, professional lecturer training, the end of the course did not learn to continue to learn, until qualified.

03 Course content

Including Swiss lathe, Turning & milling compound machine, and manual programming :

● Software introduction and use

● 2D 3D basic drawing
● Turning tool path
● Milling 3D cutter path
● Milling multi-axis path
● Theory and practice
● Drawings process analysis
● Tool installation and disassembly
● Register have post-processing free
 of turning & milling compound Swiss lathe
● Buy machine tool, training free
● MC, ES software training
● Training time is unlimited
● Learn until qualified

04 Training team

A number of senior engineers in the industry as training lecturers, rich practical experience which can provide analytical ideas and solutions to solve practical production problems.

WhatsApp/ Skype/ WeChat/ Mobile: 
Tel: +86-760-22185850




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