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JSWAY ME800 6 Axis CNC Dual Power Turret Dual Spindle Machine Center

Advantage and features:
1. 6 axis, interpolate Y axis, upper power turret + lower power turret, dual spindle.
2. Multi-function: carving, drilling, tapping, turning and milling. Any complicated component could be done in one go.
3. Electric spindle, large power, 18.0 +11.0 KW.
4. Max bar diameter 52MM.
5. High efficiency. Dual spindle could work at the same time.
  • ME800


  • 6, X1YS1Z1 + X2YS2Z2

  • 12 pieces

  • electric

Model No. ME800
Machine Full function: carving, turning, milling, drilling and tapping. Interpolate Y-axis, upper and lower power turret, dual spindle
Axes X1/YS1/Z1 + X2/YS2/Z2
Operating System
Spindle Spindle nose end A2-6
Standard chuck (IN) 8
Maximum bar processing diameter (MM) 52
Maximum speed (RPM) 4000
Sub-spindle Sub-spindle nose end A2-5
Standard chuck (IN) 6
Maximum bar processing diameter (MM) 45
Maximum speed (RPM) 4000
Processing ability Maximum machining length (MM) 300
Precision Positioning accuracy (MM) 0.005
Re-positioning accuracy (MM) 0.005
Tools Number of turntable turrets (set) 2
Number of knives installed 16
Outer diameter of tool handle (mm) 25
Inner diameter of tool handle (MM) 32
Milling cutter speed (RPM) 6000
Milling cutter shank diameter 1-20
Travel X1 axis (MM) 225
YS1 axis (MM) +-50
Z1 axis (MM) 265
X2 axis (MM) 225
YS2 axis (MM) +-50
Z2 axis (MM) 810
B-axis travel 800
Movement rate (M/MIN) 30
Others Size (LWH, approximately, MM) 3300x2200x2200
Weight (approximately, KG) 7800

MU800 4

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