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WU800 7 Axes Dual Interpolate Y-Axis Dual Electric Spindle Dual Upper Power Turret Machine-Large Machining Capacity 16 station SAUTER Power Turret Strong Configuration FANUC/SYNTEC

  1. Dual spindles dual turrets design, one time clamping can complete the product turning, milling, drilling, tapping...etc compound processing.
  2. JSWAY electric spindle, main spindle A2-6 with power 15KW, auxiliary spindle A2-5 with power 11KW, fast response speed, reduce the vibration and thermal deformation under high-speed operation, to ensure the high rigidity and stability of the spindle, spindle runout <2um to meet a variety processing needs, suitable for high-precision, high surface quality requirements processing field.
  3. Sauter 16-station BMT55 servo power turret, tool quick changed, tool changed re-positioning accuracy meet 0.003mm, large milling power, strong rigidity, 16 stations can be installed with 90°/0°degree driven tools.
  4. With dual interpolation Y-axis mechanical structure, which the turret gravity center is always stay within the range of the saddle slide, so that the milling rigidity is greatly strengthened, the Y-axis travel (±50mm), can be processed complex parts, even in the compact machine space layout, also can be large diameter processing.
  5. Dual channels operation design, main spindle and auxiliary spindle can be processed independently processed simultaneously to shorten the total processing time.
  6. Thread rod 40/32mm large lead 12/10mm pitch, roller guide rail 45/35.
  7. X\Y\Z axial motor high power 1.8KW\3.0KW servo motor.
  • WU800


  • 8458110090

  • 7, X1/YS1/Z1 + X2/YS2/Z2+B

  • 32 pieces

  • electric


Multi-function lathe

Full functions: carving, turning, milling, drilling, and tapping.

Complicated components (work piece) could be done in one go.

Model No. WE800 WU800
Machine Single interpolate Y-axis, upper and lower power turret, dual spindle, multi-function machine Dual interpolate Y-axis, dual upper power turret, dual spindle, multi-function machine
Axes X1/YS1/Z1 + X2/Z2 + B X1/YS1/Z1 + X2/YS2/Z2 + B
Operating System SYNTEC 220TB Or
Spindle Spindle nose end A2-6
Standard chuck (IN) 8
Maximum bar processing diameter (MM) 52
Maximum speed (RPM) 4000
Sub-spindle Sub-spindle nose end A2-5
Standard chuck (IN) 6
Maximum bar processing diameter (MM) 45
Maximum speed (RPM) 4000
Processing ability Maximum machining length (MM) 250
Precision Positioning accuracy (MM) 0.005
Re-positioning accuracy (MM) 0.005
Tools Number of turntable turrets (set) 2
Number of knives installed 16
Outer diameter of tool handle (mm) 25
Inner diameter of tool handle (MM) 32
Milling cutter speed (RPM) 6000
Milling cutter shank diameter 1-20
Travel X1 axis (MM) 320
YS1 axis (MM) +-50
Z1 axis (MM) 350
X2 axis (MM) 320
YS2 axis (MM) +-50
Z2 axis (MM) 350
B-axis travel 800
Movement rate (M/MIN) 30
Others Size (LWH, approximately, MM) 2980x2522x2007
Weight (approximately, KG) 7800

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