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JSWAY Focus On Quality

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In year 2023, face of the opportunities and challenges of the domestic machine tool market, the first thing to do is to grasp the product quality, maintain the reputation of JSWAY brand in the industry, rely on the quality reputation to win new customers, and enhance the market competitiveness.

In order to improve the QC management, it is necessary to improve the staff’s quality awareness, and which that can spontaneously participate in the quality management work, so as to improve the products quality.

Recently, JSWAY company to "quality awareness" as the theme to carry out quality management training to the middle and senior management personnel, a total of 28 heads of each department  participated in the training.


The representative from General Manager's Office as a keynote speaker during this training, introduced the development process of quality management from the evolution history of quality control, combined with a number of cases of lack of quality awareness, and analyzed the continuous problems in the production process, causing everyone to think. In the training, the concept of "quality is produced, rather than tested" is taken as the central idea, to inculcate the correct quality management concept and quality management methods to everyone.

01 The advantages of high quality

Eliminate defects to meet reduce costs, increase efficiency, enlarge source and reduce expenditure to make products meet customer needs:

● Reduce rework and waste                    
● Reduce error rates                            
● Reduce manufacturing field mistakes
● Reduce customer dissatisfaction
● Reduce inspection and testing
● Shorten time to market for new products
● Effect is on cost

● Make customers more satisfied                    
● Favorable product marketing                            
● Increase market share
● Increase sales revenue  
● Stay high price  
● Usually high quality raises the cost
● The effect is on sales

02 The influence of poor quality

Producing qualified products is valuable


03 How to establish quality awareness

● Establish quality company lifeblood awareness
● Establish quality customer awareness
● Establish quality prevention awareness
● Establish quality program awareness
● Establish quality responsibility awareness
● Establish quality continuous awareness
● Establish quality cost awareness

04 The "Four-no" for quality assurance

● One no: do not make bad products - do qualified products
● Two no: do not accept bad products - use qualified products
● Three no: do not release defective products - provide qualified products
● Four no: do not produce bad products - sell qualified products

05 The "five not allowed" principle

1. Reason not found , don't leave off
  - Find the reason
2. Responsibility not clear, don't leave off
 - Choose countermeasures
3. Corrective action not implemented, don't leave off
 - Create action
4. Corrective measures not verified, don't leave off
 - Results comparison
5. Effective measure not adopted, don't leave off
 - Standardization

06 The staff quality ten terms

01. unify action
02. 7S behavior
03. Select unqualified
04. Ask if don't understand
05. Better be strict than slack
06. Job confirmation
07. Character matters
08. Report exception
09. Standardize operation
10. Check tools

Learn together

Managers of all departments are required to use the morning meeting, training and other time to inform the first-line staff, consolidate the learning atmosphere from top to bottom sections, by the managers to drive the staff, and maintain JSWAY’s quality together !

Steady improvement

JSWAY CNC company will continue to control the product quality strictly, always keep the heart of awe, providing customers with excellent performance, reliable quality products.

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