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A365D Swiss-type Lathe Syntec System

Swiss-type lathe Features

This kind of Swiss machine have the turning and milling compound function, especially suitable for large quantities, multi-varieties and high-precision machining tasks of slender shaft and small complex rotating parts. The precision and accuracy of our products are high, the main parts are made of international well-known brands, and the production process and technology are in a leading position in China. The products are widely used in communication, refrigeration, optical instruments, home appliances, aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, special motors, watches...etc.
  • A365D


  • 8457101000

  • 5, X1Y1Z1 + X2Z2

  • 32 pieces

  • mechanical



2. 10.4 "TFT LCD color display screen

3. Mechanical spindle

4. Automatic lubrication system

5. Electrical cabinet heat ex-changer

6. LED work lights for machine tool lighting

7. Luxury three color warning light

8. 1 independent transformer

9. 1 set of foundation pads

10. 1 set of random toolbox

11. 1 set of accompanying accessories

12. 1 set of outbound data

13. Chip fluid system

14. 1 set of collets (model to be determined by the customer)

15. No guide sleeve device

16. Hydraulic system

17. Parts transmission and receiving device


System device


Processing scope

Maximum processing diameter

Ø 35mm

Max. Processing length for one time

Maximum processing material 3 times diameter (without guide sleeve)/ 220mm (with guide sleeve)

Front side drill diameter

Max. Ø 12mm

Front thread processing

Max. M10

Main shaft through-hole diameter


Spindle speed


Maximum side milling diameter of the hole

Φ 10mm

Maximum tapping diameter for side milling


Maximum. Side milling speed


Maximum backup diameter of back main shaft


Maximum drilling diameter of main shaft at back side

Max. Ø 10mm

Back main shaft thread processing

Max. M8

Rotating speed of main shaft at back side


Diameter of tool drill hole on the back side

Max. Ø10mm

Knife holder and motor power

Main spindle turning tool

7 pieces of 16x16mm turning tools

Tool at spindle side

5 pieces of ER20 power cutting tools

Main spindle end tool

4 pieces of ER16 fixed tools + 3 pieces of ER20 power tools

Auxiliary spindle end tool base

3 pieces of ER16 fixed tools + 3 pieces of ER16 power tools

Displacement velocity

32m/min (Y1/Z1/X2/Z2) 20m/min (X1)

Feeding accuracy


Spindle power

Yaskawa 4400W

Auxiliary spindle power

Yaskawa 4400W

Power of side milling motor

Yaskawa 1000W

Power of end motor

Yaskawa 1000W

Power of back axis end motor

Yaskawa 1000W

Feed motor power

Z1-axis feed servo motor power

Yaskawa 850W

X1-axis feed servo motor power

Yaskawa 850W

Y1-axis feed servo motor power

Yaskawa 1300W (with brakes)

Z2-axis feed servo motor power

Yaskawa 850W

X2 axis feed servo motor power

Yaskawa 850W

Machine tool dimensions



Total weight of the machine


Main spindle tool

Sub spindle tool

2. Machine dimension (with feeder for reference)

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